Rainbow Bearded Dragons

            High- end Dragons at Low- end Prices

Orange Delights- Hypo's, Tigers,Translucents and 100% HETS!

                                                      Meet the Parents

Mother of  the Dragons Lilly,A Large Hypo Citrus Female Het for Tans.German Giant genetics run in her line. She's 22 inches 600 grams.

Father of the Dragons is Rague, A gorgeous  Red  Trans Het for Hypo

These Juveniles are now 10-11 weeks of age. They are either Hypo and Trans or 100% Het for Hypo and Trans. All are eating great on 1/2 inch size crickets and leafy  greens with grated yellow summer squash all mixed together.

                                    Payment is Due in Full at time of Section

                                              Dragons Updated 7-21-18


                                         Handsome Partial Trans Male #Y4

                                                        ~ Sale 185.00!~

This Handsome Male is #Y4 He's 11 weeks old and 9 inches long. He's tame , easy to handle and is a partial Trans. He's also 100% Het for Hypo. Color will increase as he grows and sheds. Sale Price is 185.00 plus 45.00 for shipping!

                              Beautiful Hypo Male 100% Het Trans. #Y8   SOLD!

                                                      ~ Thank you Alicia ~

This Beautiful Hypo Male is #Y8  He's 10 weeks old and 10.5 inches long. He's very sweet and easy to handle.Has Mom's gorgeous purple Tiger Bars coming in ,color will increase with added sheds. He's also 100% Het for Trans as well. SOLD.

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 To Inquire about one of my dragons. Just click on link to send an e-mail .I will need the number on the dragon you would like to get in the e-mail.Must be at least 18 years of age to inquire about the dragons. All forms of payment are accepted, including credit cards. No Checks of any kind. I'm a Night Owl so late inquiries are welcomed,talk to you soon.

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