Rainbow Bearded Dragons

            High- end Dragons at Low- end Prices

Witblits, Hypos and Trans Juveniles


                                                        Meet the Parents

Witty father of the babies. He's  a proven 100%  Triple Het. Male. He's Het for Wit, Hypo and Trans, in shed in the pictures.. Bloodlines are Father Nitwit a Full Wit male purchased from Josh D. x  Sky  a Hypo Trans female, paradox runs in her lines. She was produced here at Rainbow Bearded Dragons, not from Wit lines.

Tabby Mother of the babies. A  Triple het, 100% Het for Wit,100% Het Hypo and 100% het for Trans.  She's in shed in the pictures and just laid eggs that day as well.Still a great looking girl.

The juveniles are coming up on 10 weeks of age and I have a few from another clutch listed as well. They are eating great on 3/8 to 1/2 inch size crickets.They have been started on leafy greens with grated yellow summer squash all mixed together.These have a 66% Chance of being het for Wit, hypo and Trans if not visuals. Paradox also runs in the lines.


                              Payment is due in Full At Time of Selection

                                                   Dragons Updated 7-21-18

                         STUNNING Breeder, Collector Quality Trans Wit #T1

                                                       ~  Sale 325.00!~

This Stunning Trans Wit Male is #T1 He's 8 weeks old and 6 inches long. He's very sweet , easy to handle and Breeder, Collector Quality. He also has a 66% chance of being het for Hypo.Sale 325.00 plus 45.00 for shipping!

                                             Beautiful Hypo Female #T7

                                                       ~  Sale 165.00!~

This Beautiful Hypo Female is #T7 She's coming up on 11 weeks of age and is 10 inches long. She very sweet and possible, 66% chance het for Trans and Wits. Sale price is 165.00 plus 45.00 for shipping!

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              To Inquire about one of my dragons. Just click on link to send an e-mail .I will need the number on the dragon you would like to get in the e-mail and your phone number. Must be at least 18 years of age to inquire about the dragons. All forms of payment are accepted, including credit cards.  I'm a Night Owl so late inquiries are welcomed.

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                                                      Thanks, Tamara

If you plan on Buying a dragon from me PLEASE READ THE CARING FOR YOUR NEW DRAGON PAGE ON MY WEB SITE. It will go over how these need to be housed ,very important.