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Paradox Lines Autumn Reds - Hypo's,Trans & Hets

                                                        Meet The Parents

Autumn, mother of the Babies, juveniles.She's Red 100% Het forHypo and Trans. She is a paradox sibling.Her parents were Scarlet x Rague.


Sonny is father of the babies.He's a Hypo, Het Trans male purchased from Full Spectrums Dragons as a baby. He's out of a Paradox, trans male Juicy x Caldera mother.

The babies are now  7 and 10 weeks of age and doing great! They are 100% Het for Hypo , 66% chance Het for Trans.  They may carry the Paradox genetics that run in their lines. They are eating SMALL size Red runners, Dubia, 3/8 inch crickets and small superworms. They have been started on Mustard greens with grated yellow summer squash all mixed together.Can get the insects at Kritters for Christ. Their link is below for you.Use the coupon code Rainbow8 and receive 5% discount off your order as well.


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                                             New Dragons Updated 7-12-20

                                               Cutie  Male Double Het #A2 

                                                          ~ Sale 155.00!~

This Cutie is Male Double Het #A2  He's 7 weeks old, 6.5 inches long and very tame, easy to handle. Sale price is 155.00 plus 45.00 for shipping!

                                      Gorgeous Red Flame Trans Female #A5

                                                           ~ Sale 255.00!~

This Gorgeous Red Flame Trans Female is #A5 She's 10 weeks old and over 7 inches long. She's tame, easy to handle and would make a great breeder or pet. Color will increase with additional sheds.She 100% het hypo. Sale price is 255.00 plus 45.00 for shipping!

                                             Beautiful Hypo Female  #A6

                                                         ~ Sale 225.00!~

This Beautiful Hypo Female is #A6  She's 10 weeks old, 7 inches long and Breeder Quaility. She's also has a 66% chance of being Het for Trans,vey tame and easy to handle.  Sale price is 225.00 plus 45.00 for shipping!

                                       Beautiful Hypo Trans Female  #A8

                                                       ~ Sale 255.00!~

This Beautiful Hypo Trans Female is #A8  She's 10 weeks old, 7.5 inches long and Breeder Quaility. She's  has a front toe that got nipped and bends up at the end can see it in picture. She's vey tame and easy to handle.  Sale price is 255.00 plus 45.00 for shipping.Discounted for the toe.

                                              Super Cute Hypo Female #A9

                                                           ~ Sale 175.00!~

This Super Cute Hypo Female is #A9  She's 7 weeks old, 6 inches long ,66 % chance het for Trans. Color will increase with additional sheds. She's in shed in the pictures. Sale price is 175.00 plus 45.00 for shipping!


 To Inquire about one of my dragons. Just click on link to send an e-mail .I will need the number on the dragon you would like to get in the e-mail and the zip code I'll be shipping to. Must be at least 18 years of age to inquire about the dragons. All forms of payment are accepted, including credit cards. No Checks of any kind. I'm a Night Owl so late inquiries are welcomed. When purchasing you agree to our Terms of Service on the Terms of service page THANKS.


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If you plan on Buying a dragon from me PLEASE READ THE CARING FOR YOUR NEW DRAGON PAGE ON MY WEB SITE. It will go over how these need to be housed ,very important