Rainbow Bearded Dragons

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                                   Contact, Shipping and Exporting Information


                See something you like? Have questions about one of my dragons. Just click on link to send me a e-mail or can call. I'm located in Aurora MO. Must be at least 18 years of age to inquire about the dragons.

                                                        Thanks, Tamara

                                     Land Line  417-297-0922  No texting 


                           Late night E-mails are welcomed, I'm a night owl

                                                      Shipper information

           My shipper is now Fedex. I send the tracking information before shipping out so you will have it to track your package.

           I Also ship in temp.s of 15 - 100 degrees. I can ship in lower or higher temps. but won't give a live arrival guarantee. I pack my animals very well in special Boxes for cold and extreme Hot weather.  Not the cheap styrofoam boxes. But house hold insulation foam. THIS MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE. LIVE ARRIVAL GUARANTEED on first delivery attempt and within the U.S.A. Please see my Terms of Service page for Info.

                            *    Need To Export To Hong Kong or Korea  *    


            Can contact Kevin Luzzi at WWPS Inc. for all your exporting needs at ameivaboy@gmail.com e-mail is best or can call 1- 510 -776 -3216

Also shipping to Canada would need to be done through an exporter. I can only ship directly within the U.S. and Alaska. Dragons CAN NOT BE SHIPPED TO ALL COUNTRIES SO CHECK YOUR WILD LIFE LAWS.