Rainbow Bearded Dragons

            High- end Dragons at Low- end Prices

Breeder female Jo Jo  

A Beautiful Red/Orange  Trans  Italian Leather back, 100% Het for Hypo, 19.5 inches long, 580 grams, sister to Ooh La La..


  3. Skye  is a Hypo Black eyed Translucent female out of Shorty x Kuda. Large girl over 550 grams.She came from a clutch with paradox siblings.


 4. Pumpkin is a Red Tiger Italian Leather Back out of Lola x Jack. She is also 100% het for hypo. Sweet girl over 550 grams.

           Below are the Sisters, Daisy May and Amber

They are both large hypo's ,proven het for trans.They are out of Damallie x Kuda and both are getting ready to lay eggs in pictures below.

5.  Daisy May , large gorgeous Hypo female. Proven het for Trans. out of Damallie x Kuda Proven het for Trans.! Gravid in the pictures.


6. Amber, A very gravid Hypo Female. Proven het for Trans. LOl laid 36 eggs later that day. Has a lot of red, heading into shed in the pictures.


7. Orchid,  A Very Large Gorgeous Hypo Yellow female 100% het for Witblit from Carolina Classic Dragons. She's 21 inches,515 grams at 1 1/2 years of age! Her parents were Liefie, the mom was from the Italian line bred by Fernando Morfogenesi. 

 Father was Goldenbaby, a beautiful hypo citrus that David bred two years ago. He is from Goldenboy (Livingston) x Zest (Darwin x Adalaide, Moonstone Dragons)