Rainbow Bearded Dragons

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 Red Flame Trans and Italian Leather Backs,9-11 Months of Age

                                                      Meet The Parents

This is Apollo, Father of the babies. A STUNNING Red Flame, Black eyed 

Trans Italian Leather Back male. He was produced here at Rainbow Bearded Dragons good size boy 595 grams,2 years old.He also throws Paradox babies!

Mother is Nilly Red/Orange a Het Trans, Het Hypo female out of Lilly x Rague. A yellow purple bar female x a Red Trans male.She has always been light in color, great genetics though and Throws paradox offspring with Apollo!

I produced some nice  Red Flame Translucent from this pairing this year and Paradox. They may also carry the German Giant genetics that run in this line as well as paradox.  All are eating great on  3\4 inch size crickets, Medium Dubia , Super worms and Leafy greens with grated yellow summer squash all mixed together. These can also be bred to the Violet Paradox Line for a Unrelated pair if you wanted to try to produce Paradox babies.

                                 *Payment is due in Full at time of selection*

                                                  Dragons Updated 8-1-21

                       Beautiful Large Red Female 100% Double Het. #N2

                                                              ~ SOLD~

This Beautiful Large Red Female is #N2  She's 11 months of age and 16 inches long. She's tame, easy to handle and housed with other females without any issues. She's also a Paradox sibling and 100% Het for Hypo and Trans. Breed her to my Violet Paradox line to increase your chances to produce Paradox. SOLD.

                                                Will Be Listing More Soon!


         To Inquire about one of my dragons. Just click on link to send an e-mail. I will need the number on the dragon you would like to get in the e-mail.Must be at least 18 years of age to inquire about the dragons. All forms of payment are accepted, including credit cards. I'm a Night Owl so late inquiries are welcomed.


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If you plan on Buying a dragon from me PLEASE READ THE CARING FOR YOUR NEW DRAGON PAGE ON MY WEB SITE. It will go over how these need to be housed ,very important.