Rainbow Bearded Dragons

            High- end Dragons at Low- end Prices

Red Tigers and Translucent 

                                                      Meet The Parents

JoJo Mother of the babies is a Red Trans Italian Leather Back out of Amber x Johan. She is also 100% het for hypo . Sweet Large girl 23 inches  and  675 grams. May carry the German Giant gene that runs in this line.

This is Rague, Father of the babies. A STUNNING Red Black eyed Trans. male. Father of the clutch. He's also 100% het for Hypo, produced by Mike Moran, Galaxy Dragons.

I produced some nice Reds , Tigers  and Trans. from this pairing. These are either Hypo or 75%  chance het for Hypo.All are either Trans. or 100% Het for Trans. Paradox also runs in this line.THESE ARE THE LAST OF THE LARGE RED TRANS. I will have babies available in 4 weeks from a different line.


                                 *Payment is due in Full at time of selection*

                                                Dragons Updated 3-8-18


                        Stunning  Red  Trans , Purple Paradox Male #RX  SOLD!


This  Red Paradox Trans  Male is #RX He's 7.5 months old and 13.5 inches long with a very tiny tip only tail nip.He's very sweet and easy to handle. Color is still increasing with every shed and so are his purple blotches.He also has a 66% chance of being het for Hypo.Both parents are proven het for hypo.
Sale price is 495.00 plus 45.00 for shipping FIRM. SOLD!

                            Gorgeous Hypo Trans,Italian Leather Male #R2

                                                 ~ Winter Sale 225.00!~

This Gorgeous Hypo Trans Italian Leather Male is #R2 He's 7 months old and 9.5 inches long with around a 2 inch tail nip. He's very sweet and easy to handle.Color is still increasing with every shed. Legs and tail are in shed,body starting to go into shed. Sale price is 225.00 plus 45.00 for shipping!

                                        Beautiful Hypo Trans Male #R3   SOLD!

                                                        Thank you Ryan

This Beautiful Hypo Trans Male is #R3 He's 7 months old and 10.5 inches long with a 1/2 inch tail nip. He's tame and very easy to handle. Color is still increasing with every shed. He's in shed in the pictures. Get him now and see the big reveal!SOLD

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           To Inquire about one of my dragons. Just click on link to send an e-mail .I will need the number on the dragon you would like to get in the e-mail.Must be at least 18 years of age to inquire about the dragons. All forms of payment are accepted, including credit cards. I'm a Night Owl so late inquiries are welcomed.

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If you plan on Buying a dragon from me PLEASE READ THE CARING FOR YOUR NEW DRAGON PAGE ON MY WEB SITE. It will go over how these need to be housed ,very important.