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                  Reptile Related Coupons & Recommendations

I have these coupons throughout my web site but thought this would be a better place so people could find them easier.

These are discount coupons for various things reptile related offered to me to give out to anyone interested in using them! So take advantage of these offers while I have them to give out. Coupon codes are case sensitive so make sure to type them in as shown. Can also just copy and paste to make it easier..


A great place to get live healthy crickets is At Georgia Crickets. Michael in customer service is FANTASTIC to deal with. They go the extra mile to please their customers. Link below for you to click on 


 My #1 source for virus free crickets! They have other insects as well. Just don't Feed Dragons meal worms.

Another great place is Armstrong Crickets, a little cheaper on the shipping charges   https://www.armstrongcrickets.com


           Need A Good Roach Supplier?

Kitters For Christ is who I use for all my Roach and Superworm needs! I highly recommend them and they have the BEST SELECTION AND ROACH PRICES AROUND! I have never seen them out of Roaches and they always have All sizes in Stock! They also carry other insects and supplies as well. Can check them out by clicking on the link below AND if you use the code Rainbow8 you will also receive an additional 5% off their already low prices and Super Daily Specials page!

  Don't Forget the 5% Off Code Rainbow8