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                                                      Terms of Service 


                                    Welcome to Rainbow Bearded Dragons

           All dragons being sold are represented Honestly and are healthy and feeding well at the time they are shipped. Since I have No Guarantee of their care after arrival, my responsibility ends 72 hours after delivery. Keep in mind dragons do need to adjust to there new cage and surroundings . If I don't hear from you within 8 hours after delivery I assume you are delighted with your new Dragon and are Transaction is complete.... Please follow my Care page on my  web site for cage setup and care. Any questions please feel free to ask. Sex of the Dragon is Not guaranteed on Dragons under 10 inches, But I do my very best.

                     *  Live Arrival Guaranteed on First Delivery Attempt *

            Live arrival guarantee is for next day delivery and on First Delivery Attempt.  Someone MUST be there to sign for the package on first delivery attempt for live arrival guarantee. A signature is required on all packages. If temps are to cold or to hot, Dragon will be shipped when weather improves and you will be notified. I will ship at your own risk at temp. above 98 degrees. There won't be a live arrival guarantee above 98 degrees but I will do my very best  to asure live arrival .

Shipping is done by Fedex and dragons are shipped to arrive for the earliest delivery time for you area.Which is usually by 10:30 am. I put a lot of time and care into these dragons and want them to get there safe and sound as much as you do...

          If you  do have a D.O.A which is highly unlikely, you must contact me within 2 hours of delivery with a photo of the dead dragon. Please save all package material as it may be needed to ship animal back or for shipping insurance purposes... A replacement will be sent if available, or a refund will be issued for the price of the  Dragon ONLY, Not the shipping fees... We DO NOT cover vet. Bills from  another Vet. . keep in mind dragons can go through relocation stress. This is normal and can last anywhere from a few hours Most cases , to 2 weeks extreme cases..Most Dragons are eating crickets within hours of arrival.

                                  SHIPPING FEES ARE NOT  REFUNDABLE.

           YOU MUST BE 18 YEARS OF AGE OR OLDER TO PURCHASE. We also reserve the right not to sell , if we think it's not a good fit for one of our dragons....

         RETURN POLICY: I have never had anyone want to return a dragon in 16 years breeding and shipping, but just encase..Refund/ Exchanges are made on a case by case bases at My Discretion. Buyer is responsible for the shipping charges for the return of the animal. Refunds are for the price of the animal only. Shipping charges are NOT REFUNDABLE. Animals must be shipped back to me first and a live  before  Refund of  the purchase price can  be refunded. Please understand that housing your new dragon with another reptile could pass contagion’s that could devastate our entire collection. If you choose to cohabitate your new Dragon, any guarantee or return is VOID.We No Longer Test For The adenovirse here.

       If you cancel your order before it ships there is a 50.00 restocking fee per DRAGON on all paid orders.I no longer hold Dragons BUT if I break my rule and you put down money and don't follow through and pay for the dragon on hold as planned . You will lose your deposit, NO EXCEPTIONS! This isn't fair to the Dragon or me and I may have found the Dragon a home while it was being held for you.

        Please report any problems to me immediately. I will make every effort to solve them.Usually it's the temp.s in the cage and can be adjusted easily.


         All Lot sales are Finale at time of payment. No returns, exchanges or Refunds on Lot sales, groups or exported dragons.. So make sure you want them before you buy them.

Forms of Payment Accepted :

        I accept all forms of Payment through PayPal ,Credit cards too.  Money gram, Western Union  and Walmart store to store payments. No Money orders or checks of any kind.

    Not accepting ANY TRADES so please don't ask...

 Sorry I have so many terms but we have a lot of "Scammers" out there ready to pounce! Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.


                                          Rainbow Bearded Dragons

                                      Terms effective August  2008