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Violet Paradox Line

                                                       Meet The Parents

This Stunning Female Trans Italian Leather Paradox is Violet. She's the mother of these young Adults. She's 2 years old, 19 inches and 600 grams. I was offered 3,500.00 for her as a baby and turned it down, she isn't for sale. She comes from RED LINES and was red before she did a whole body Paradox except for one spot above eye! They normally don't turn this young or the whole body, truly an amazing one of a kind animal! 

This Gorgeous  Hypo, Het Trans male is Sonny, father of the young adults. I purchased him from Full Spectrum Dragons as a baby. He's out of a Paradox, trans male Juicy x Caldera mother.Large gorgeous boy, 21 inch,650 grams.

These Gorgeous Young adults are 10 and 12 months of age. They are still coloring up and growing nicely.They are 100% het for Hypo and Trans if not visuals. I'm hoping they will carry the Paradox gene that runs in this  line. I'm keeping a few females back myself to breed to an Apollo offspring Paradox male I kept back. These can be breed to any of the Apollo line Dragons. They are totally UNRELATED and hopefully you will produce some Paradox.We can ship in Extreme Temps. Live arrival is always guaranteed.

                               *Payment is due in full at time of selection*

                                                 Dragons Updated 8-1-21

                                 Super Cute Male Italian Leather Back  #V7 

                                                         ~ Sale 245.00!~

This Cutie is Male Italian Leather Back  #V7  He's 10 months of age and  14 inches long. He's very tame, easy to handle and 100% het for Hypo and Trans. He may also carry the Paradox gene that runs in these lines. He would make a great pet for a beginner or child. Sale price is 245.00 plus 45.00 for shipping!

                                  Large Red Flame Double het Female #V9 

                                                         ~ Sale 325.00! ~

This Large Red Flame Female is #V9  She's 12 months of age and 15.5 inches long. She just shed out and heading into another shed. She's very friendly and easy to handle. Color will still increase with additional sheds. She's  100% het for Hypo and Trans, may also carry the Paradox genetics that run in these lines. Sale price is 325.00 plus 45.00 for shipping!